Are you sick and tired of wondering what to eat, when to eat, and how much in order to lose that stubborn fat?
Finally! A Simple, Yummy, Easy-to-Follow Eating Plan That Gets Real Results Fast!
Forget Extreme, Deprivation Diets
That Don't Work...
Kickstart Your Weight Loss and Health Goals and Feel Better Than Ever with My Surprisingly Easy
14-Day Clean Eating Challenge
Are you sick and tired of wondering what to eat, when to eat, and how much in order to lose that stubborn fat?
Finally! A Simple, Yummy, Easy-to-Follow Eating Plan That Gets Real Results Fast!
Forget Extreme, Deprivation Diets
That Don't Work...
Kickstart Your Weight Loss and Health Goals and Feel Better Than Ever with My Surprisingly Easy
14-Day Clean Eating Challenge
Dear Friend,
We might not have met just yet, but because you're reading this, I'm willing to bet I know a little something about you...

You're sick and tired of feeling gassy, bloated, and fat. You wish you could look in the mirror with confidence instead of feeling disgusted by your own body – And believe me, you're not alone!

If you're anything like the hundreds of women I've talked to, you've already tried every extreme, restrictive diet under the sun, yet you're still not seeing the real, sustainable results you want.
By now you know that more dieting, deprivation, and starvation is NOT the solution.
If you really want to feel better, reclaim a body you love, and have more energy to do the things you love, you need to fuel your body with CLEAN, nutrient-rich, satisfying foods that won't bog you down and keep you feeling like crap.

But for so many women who desperately want to eat healthier and feel better, figuring out what "clean" foods to eat, when to eat them, and how much is difficult!
Tell me if any of these struggles sound familiar:
  •  You feel confused when you walk into the grocery store and are completely overwhelmed by all the different "healthy" choices and options...
  •  You're clueless as to how much food you should be eating and what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... 
  •  You're worried about how much it will cost you to start cleaning up your diet and get rid of those cheap, processed meals that are just so darn convenient... 
  •  You don't have confidence in your ability to pick clean, healthy foods and make sure you're eating enough without overindulging... 
  •  You're afraid a "clean," whole foods diet will be tasteless... and you'll have to sacrifice flavor and fun to lose weight and feel better...  
  •   You're stressed out by the thought of having to prep and cook healthy food every day while simultaneously taking care of your family, working full or part time, and fulfilling all your daily responsibilities...
Listen, if that's you, don't worry.
I've already got it all planned out for you.
My name is Andrea Dameron, and I’m a Nurse Practitioner, Health Coach, and busy mom, and I'm here to tell you that clean eating does NOT have to be stressful, confusing, tasteless, hard, or expensive. In fact, I'm going to prove it to you with my brand new 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge that will show you just how simple, yummy, and satisfying clean eating truly is!
Surprise Yourself with Just How Easy Clean, Healthy Eating That Makes You Feel Great Can Be. 
Join the 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge Today!
The 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge gives you a simple, done-for-you guide to healthy eating... and a kick in the rear to help you start making smarter food choices and rocket to your health goals!
As a Nurse Practitioner and Health Coach specializing in Culinary Nutrition and Weight Management, I've already helped hundreds of others eliminate confusion and frustration and take a deep dive into a healthy body and clean eating style they love. Now it's your turn!
When you sign up for this quick and easy program that jumpstarts your new, healthy lifestyle, you'll get:
Mouth-watering, flavor-packed recipes you can easily prepare for the entire family – without having to spend hours cooking in the kitchen...
Meal Plans
A 14-day meal plan that includes delicious, filling options for your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner...
An in-depth eGuide to clean eating that tells you exactly how to find a real food lifestyle that you can maintain long-term... instead of wasting time and money on more quick fixes...
Grocery List
A complete food list full of nutritious, clean foods that you can easily find in your local grocery store...
Food List
Ongoing support through check-ins with me and my time that will help you stay on track and hold you accountable to your goals...
Facebook Support group
An exclusive Facebook Support group with expert and peer support to guide you every step of the way.
Whether you just want to slim down a couple pounds, boost your energy naturally, or reboot your health and have more confidence in yourself, the resources, tools, actionable information, and motivation you'll receive with this 14-day challenge will allow you to kickstart your goals and get results fast!  
With This Proven Plan for Simple, Clean Eating, You'll Finally Be Able To...
  •  Eliminate guesswork or confusion as you discover a simple, tasty, done-for-you eating plan that shows you exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much...
  •  Trust yourself... knowing what proper portion sizes are so you can make sure you're eating the right amount of food to lose excess pounds... 
  •  Confidently make better, smarter, healthier food choices that will change the way you feel about yourself and help your body function like it's supposed to... 
  •  Reduce gas, bloating, and fatigue by eating clean foods that don't bog down your digestive system with toxins... 
  •  Slim down and torch stubborn body fat... so you can smile when you look at yourself in the mirror again... 
  •  Feel a natural energy boost and eliminate sugar cravings by fueling your body with the nourishing foods it craves... 
  •  Create a simple, sustainable framework for continuous improvement in your health and eating habits... instead of more restrictive diets that result in binges and you feeling like a failure... 
  •  Have more energy to finish your daily tasks and play with your kids while slimming down and feeling better... all without ever having to suffer through feelings of deprivation... 
  •  And much, much, MUCH more!
Plus: Yummy Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy!
  •  Grilled Halibut with Cilantro Garlic Butter
  •  Quick Turkey Chili
  •  Chocolate peanut butter shakes that satisfy that sweet tooth
  •  Tasty Tossed Chicken Salad
  •  Flavorful Black Bean Salad
  •  Thai Beef with Stir-Fried Vegetables
  •  Delicious fresh fruits and veggies that are bursting with flavor
  •  And much, much more...
And don't worry, you won't have to spend hours prepping your meals and cooking in the kitchen with this 14-day challenge and real foods eating plan.
Designed by a Nurse Practitioner and Health Coach
Who Knows What a Busy Lifestyle Is Like...
Unlike many other programs, the 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge was specifically designed by someone who understands you don't have all day to slave over a stove. You need an easy, effective eating plan that doesn't consume more of your valuable time.
That's exactly why I've designed this fun challenge to be as simple as possible. Everything is laid out for you so there's no wasting time wondering about proportion sizes or what foods are considered "clean." Each recipe is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind and easy to make.
From the meal plan to the shopping list to the ongoing support, I've already done all the heavy lifting for you, now it's up to you to simply follow through!

Most importantly, I'm not some random person telling you how and what to eat based on my own life experience. What works for one person might not work for you. We're all different.

Instead, as a nurse practitioner and health coach, I'm providing you with a well-researched, tested, and proven eating plan based on clean, real foods that support your health and fitness goals and make you feel fantastic!
Okay, Andrea, I'm in! So... What's It Cost?
That's a fair question, so I'll be straightforward with you. 
The total cost for everything – the done-for-you meal plan, the quick and tasty recipes, the easy food list, the complete eGuide, and the ongoing support – is regularly priced at $77...

A small sum to pay when you think about how much your whole life is about to change in just 14 short days once you discover how easy it is to eat clean, feel healthy, strong, and confident, and shed those extra pounds you've been lugging around.

But if you take action right now, you won't pay the regular price of $77.
Instead, as my way of rewarding serious-minded action takers like you, I'm offering an early bird discount of $30 off regular price.
That's right!

Discover the sustainable, simple, delicious eating plan that will transform your health, your body image, and your life.
Join the 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge Today!
Click below to take advantage of the early bird discount and participate for just $47! 
Get Started Today
Love It or Your Money Back
I wouldn't ask you to do anything that I wasn't 100% confident in myself. After all, you've already wasted plenty of time, money, and energy on diets that don't work. But this challenge is about rebooting your health and refueling your body with the clean, real, healthy foods it already craves. And once you do that, the natural side effect is a slimmer, sexier, healthier you!
I'm so confident that this 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge will give you the actionable tools, resources, and kickstart you need to start making healthy choices and get on the right track to achieve your health goals that I'm backing it up with a 7-day money back guarantee.

Try the program risk free right now. If you don't love it, just let me know within 7 days of purchase, and I'll give you back every penny you spent. Fair enough?
So, what are you waiting for?
Go ahead and click on the button below to sign up RISK FREE for the challenge that will make healthy eating that makes you great easier than you ever dreamed possible!
Empower Yourself to Make Healthier Choices, Feel Amazing, and Reclaim a Body That You Love. Sign Up for the 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge Today!
Join the 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge Today!
Click below to take advantage of the early bird discount and participate for just $47! 
Get Started Today
Andrea Dameron, DNP, APRN
Hi there! I’m Andrea Dameron and I’m a nurse practitioner and certified health coach, specializing in weight management, culinary nutrition, and functional health. 
What does that mean?
It means that I have the medical knowledge and experience to provide you with the comprehensive care you need to achieve your highest level of health. Not only do I have an extensive medical background, but I have sought additional knowledge so that I can provide you with realistic techniques to:

I’ve got over 20 years in the medical field providing me with experience at every level. I know what you are experiencing as I have lived it directly or I have helped someone work through it.

I have been a nurse for over 18 years and an nurse practitioner for 6 years. I went on to obtain my Doctorate in Weight Management as I believe that it is so necessary to help prevent weight gain in the first place through improved diet and exercise. However, I have the tools that are needed to stop the diet roller coaster and get you on the path for success. 
That’s why I received additional training as a Health Coach, Functional Specialist, Weight Management Specialist, and Culinary Medical Specialist. .

This has given my the expertise to help you achieve your health goals and provide you with exceptional medical care so that you can feel your very best every day!

When I’m not providing care and coaching, I can usually be found… Reading and taking classes-I love reading and I could go to school forever.

My family is my world! I am so thankful to my husband and my 3 amazing children who have supported me through all my learning, playing, and schooling. Without them, I would not be the success that I am.

Fun Facts:
I volunteered on medical missions in Guatemala with my son, Jacob. We went three years in a row and had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend it. I am the chair of Griswold Gets Healthy!
A community coalition to get our citizens more active and healthy in order to
prevent obesity and other health-related issues. Ask me about it!
Start Living The Healthy Life Style You Deserve!
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